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Assessment and Evaluation

The Placement Test

The medium of instruction at GAU is English. All the students admitted into Girne American

University are required to complete FES English language program, unless exempted by a

required international English language certificate, or passing the FES Placement Exam.  An

Entrance Placement test is administered before the academic year starts in order to

determine the students’ level of English. The pass mark required for students to move directly

to their faculty  is 60% for English medium departments, and 80% for English Language

Teaching Department, Translation, English Literature Bachelor’s degree or Masters/PhD

Program students. Those who score less than the required pass mark are asked to attend the

appropriate FES levels.



International Examinations and Equivalencies for Exemption from English Language Program





























TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

FCE: First Certificate in English Testing System

CAE: Certificate in Advanced English

CPE: Certificate of Proficiency in English 

Assessment and Evaluation

With respect to the assessment and evaluation, learners are assessed by means of both

formal and informal continuous assessment methods and techniques which include written

examinations, oral presentations, written course work assessment, language proficiency

tests, portfolios, self-assessment and tests.


The students at A1/A2, A2, and B1 are assessed twice in one semester. The mid-term exam is

administered after 7 weeks of instruction and the final examination is administered after 15

weeks of the commencement of the English language instruction. A1/A2 and A2 students who

achieve a pass mark of 60% or above procede to Level B1. B1 students who achieve a pass

mark of 60% or above are eligible to sit the Proficiency Exam in order to be able proceed to

their faculty of their choice. The Proficiency Exam is given at the end of each semester to

students whose final exam results indicate that theyhave a reasonable chance of achieving a

high enough grade to move to the Faculty. The pass grade for English medium department

students is 60% or above whereas the pass grade for some specific departments such as ELT,

Translation and Interpretation, English Literature Bachelor’s degree or Masters/PhD Programme

students is 80% or above. Students who do not sit or do not pass the Proficiency exam at the

end of the semester will remain in FES. FES students can appeal to any of their test results by

writing a petition to FES Administrative Coordinator. Forms can be obtained from FES



 Assessment Handbook and Sample Examination Paper